Fixing Garden Problems

Episode: 1
Title: Fixing Garden Problems
Broadcast: August 19, 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Today, Nigel is at Baldivis Secondary College, where they are running an excellent and hands-on gardening program, as part of the science curriculum.

  • The program allows students who are interested in the environmental aspect of things to get involved with gardening and getting back to nature.
  • Nigel speaks with Anthony Pittman, Team Leader for Science, who explains the school’s problem with white fly, especially in their aquaponics systems. The challenge they face is staying organic.
  • Some natural pest repellents that you can try at home include garlic, chilli, and olive oil, with olive oil being great against caterpillar problems. These natural solutions are a great way to avoid using harsh chemicals, and don’t affect your edible produce.
  • Anthony explains how the students are involved with the gardening and aquaponics that they have at the school. Students were responsible for digging the hole for the 3000L tank; setting up the grow beds; and planting.
  • If you’re interested in getting into aquaponics gardening, there are kits available from specialist suppliers to suit most homes and gardens.

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