Seasol PowerFeed LawnFeed

Episode: 9
Title: Seasol PowerFeed LawnFeed
Broadcast: October 14th 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Lawns are a backyard playground and in the warmer months they get a real work out so now is a good time to give them some much needed TLC. Mel shows us how in this segment.

  • It is important to create a nourishing healthy soil environment in order to keep your lawn flourishing.
  • PowerFeed LawnFeed is the perfect balance of nutrients and trace elements to boost health and growth.
  • The granules are coated in millions of good microbes which come to life when they come into contact with water.
  • It is effective for 4-6 weeks for apply it at the start of Spring, Summer and Winter.

P: 1800 335 508