Misting System

Episode: 14
Title: Misting System
Broadcast: Nov 18th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Professional nurserymen have the same challenge during the summer months that we all experience: they have to cool their plants. Today Trev shows us how they do it.

  • Shade cloth over the top (or wisteria) works, but misting is incredibly effective to drop the temperatures and increase humidity. We can do the same by putting up a misting system onto a pergola.
  • These days there’s a system suitable for your garden environment that’s available at your local Bunnings store. Holman developed a range that comes in 7m and 20m lengths and installation is an easy 2hr DIY project.
  • The trick is to lay out your kit parts and work out a pattern that surrounds the outside of your patio area or along the edge of our house.
  • Cut your pipe into lengths and pop each tee in, joining the pipe. Simply tack or screw the clamps onto the pergola, screw in the brass spray heads and flush the pipes with water.
  • The system is connected to a tap and a great idea is to get a misting tap timer so you can set and forget. This Bluetooth Smart Valve can be controlled from your phone.
  • A couple hours to set up and you have a brilliant misting system that will cool the environment around you by 8-10 degrees.

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