Garden Sculptures

Episode: 14
Title: Garden Sculptures
Broadcast: Nov 18th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, often with their own unique touches. Today Nige makes the trip west to visit a garden on the banks of the beautiful swan river with its own special touch.

  • Earlsferry House and Garden is a classic heritage listed manor house built at the turn of the 19th Century and these days is run as a Bed and Breakfast.
  • It’s the beautiful gardens and amazing garden art that’s taken our eyes today.
  • Earlsferry has over 500 garden sculptures, 1,500 if you’re including the little ones and it just keeps growing.
  • Martin Jaine is the owner and is a master craftsman, turning steel into master pieces all from reclaimed material.
  • It all started when Martin bought his wife a sculpture for her 50th birthday and he decided to give it a go himself.
  • Martin shows us around to take a look at some of his favourite pieces.
  • If you want any more info on Martin’s sculptures, check out the website at

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