Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner

Episode: 15
Title: Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner
Broadcast: Nov 25th
Presenter: Melissa King

When our gardens heat up it’s important that the water we apply gets to where it’s needed most by the plant- the root zone. Mel shows us how to test your soil to see if the water is actually soaking into to root zone of your plants, and how to improve it!

  • Mel waters an area, so the surface is wet, but when she scratches away the surface of the soil it’s completely dry underneath! Even when she’s given the area a good soak the soil has become hydrophobic- meaning it’s repelling water. The water has rolled off the surface and not been absorbed and so much needed water isn’t getting to where the plant really needs it the most.
  • This scenario is more common than you might think. We see it a lot in certain soils and in pots so a well-watered garden can, in fact, be dry stressed.
  • The key is to act on it now- so if your soil is behaving this way get your hands on a bottle of Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner.
  • This is much more than a wetting agent. It’s a soil wetter that’s boosted with Seasol seaweed and liquid composts- so it’s the perfect product to apply at this time of year.
  • The soil wetter helps to overcome water repellence in hard to wet soils, allowing water to soak deep into the root zone. It makes watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective and it lasts for months.
  • The build in liquid composts condition the soil- so they promote good soil structure, help to increase the soils water holding capacity, improve soil retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients and stimulate the growth of beneficial soil microbes.
  • The added Seasol provides a health treatment for every plant in the garden and gives the whole area a much-needed boost.
  • Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner is all you need to combat water repellence, improve the condition of your soil and your plants and ensure that your garden can make the most of every drop of water.

P: 1800 335 508