The Gurus Visit Deb Knight

Episode: 1
Title: The Gurus Visit Deb Knight
Broadcast: Mar 3rd 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

On this series of the Garden gurus we are travelling the country to visit some of our favourite Nine Network Personalities back yards. This week we are visiting the garden of Nine news presenter Deb Knight, here in the Sydney. Its quite a large garden with a great story behind it.

  • There is such a diverse variety of plants in this garden. The garden has abundant spider lilies, which is a great lush plant that adds a bit of the tropics to the garden.
  • The garden also features a large, fragrant frangipani tree, which was grown from a cutting of Deb’s grandma’s tree.
  • Deb’s bamboo screen provides a bit of protection from noise, light and wind. And when it does get windy, the sound of the bamboo is soothing. It grows so quick and creates a great little green space in the backyard.
  • Around the back, Deb has an amazing mango tree and a giant avocado tree.
  • Deb’s lawn sometimes struggles in the shady environment but she likes to use Sir Walter and shade resistant varieties to pick up the patchy areas.

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