Greenacres Turf Group & Village Green

Episode: 7
Title: Greenacres Turf Group & Village Green
Broadcast: April 14th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When it comes to selecting your lawn variety many people don't know where to start so Trev thought he’s show you a couple of his favourites.

  • The first is a warm season grass that originates from a variety introduced from Africa. In 1920 it was introduced Kikuyu not only being used for pasture but also for garden areas and so the 'instant lawn' market was born.
  • Kikuyu is brilliant for Australian conditions, it’s one of the few grasses that grows all year round, winter and summer and its incredibly hardy. It’s also hard wearing, meaning it’s great to let the kids and pets run around on, but best of all this is one of the most drought hardy grasses around needing less water to look good all year round.
  • Since its introduction there’s been a lot of breeding and selection of improved strains and the Village Green is now rapidly becoming one of the most popular turf varieties for sporting venues, recreational ovals and now home gardeners are starting to discover it too.
  • Village Green is the least invasive of all Kikuyu’s and it doesn’t grow from seed. Whilst it’s been used in home gardens for some time now, it has proven itself in the commercial playing field area with many professional sporting grounds selecting it for its durability and great all year round colour and appearance.
  • One problem with some grasses it the density of the surface area is such that it allows weed seeds in and to establish, sometimes other grasses get in too but not with Village Green Kikuyu because its dense tight knit matting literally smothers weeds out.
  • If you are unhappy with your lawns performance and you are thinking about laying a new lawn, check out Village Green before you do anything else.

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