Lawn Renovation Tips

Story Title: Lawn Renovation Tips
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
A beautiful, well maintained lawn is a real showpiece for your home and garden, and with the right lawn care strategies it’s not that hard to get the rub of green.

  • Good mowing practice is essential. You should be mowing once or twice a week in summer. In winter it’s much less, monthly depending on location.
  • When your lawn gets too thick and spongey it’s due to too much thatch, a build up of old clippings and vegetation under the leaves, This prevents air and water penetration if too thick and uneven and difficult mowing
  • Compaction is another common problem due to wear and tear and traffic, preventing essential air and water penetration.
  • Use a good fertiliser every 6 weeks from the start of spring until mid autumn.