Successful Transplanting

Title: Successful Transplanting
Date: September 1st
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

It’s the end of winter for your garden plants and there’s a job you can undertake now that you cannot do successfully any other time of the year. Transplanting deciduous trees.

  • The first thing to do is remove at least 30% - 50% of the branches. This makes it manageable to move by yourself but also when you dig it out, you need remove at least 30% - 50% of the fine root system, that would normally feed that wood. This reduces the overall stress on the plant later as it recovers.
  • The goal when pruning the apple to create a shape, they have a naturally occurring columnar shape, very upright but this doesn’t make picking apples easy. By taking the heart of the tree down and pruning required branches to an outward leading bud should train the tree to stretch outwards making the picking process easier in the future.
  • The digging process is next, these trees have a shallow root system that extends outwards, digging a metre out from the trunk in a circle will remove at least 50% of the root system
  • Seasol is loved and trusted by gardeners everywhere, its many benefits are quite incredible, most importantly here soaking the root system whilst bare and then again after its been planted is vitally important.
  • As the tree is being planted into the new hole I’m adding a wheelbarrow of the soil it came from, this is what is grew in happily for 4 years and will comfort and stimulate the root recovery. The tree is then secured with a large stake and the soil around the roots soaked in a Seasol solution again.