Mr. Fothergills – Bee, Insect & Butterfly Houses

Story Title: Mr. Fothergills – Bee, Insect & Butterfly Houses
TX Date: 6th October 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Many of us don’t realize how important bees, butterflies and insects are to the planet and our lives, and how reliant we are on them for our food. Tragically their numbers are in serious decline due to pesticides, parasites and climate change – but we can help them by using organic gardening practices, planting flowers to attract them and providing them with shelter. You can do this with your very own bee, butterfly and insect kit.

  • In the garden bees, butterflies and beneficial insects play a vital role in pollination by transferring pollen from one plant to another. 70 of the top 100 most popular food crops are pollinated by bees, and they pollinate 80% of all flowering plants on Earth.
  • To creates a haven for bees, insects and butterflies in our gardens simply hang the houses in a tree or just place them in the garden, this will provide them food and shelter.
  • Included with the houses are seeds for all sorts of flowering plants that the bees, butterflies and beneficial insects love. Plant these around the place and watch your new winged friends arrive.

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