Growing Edibles

Episode: 10
Title: Growing Edibles
Broadcast: October 27th 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

Edible flowers are a popular addition these days to meals served in even the fanciest restaurants, so what a joy it is to know that they can be easily grown in any home garden.

  • The range of edible flowers is huge but some of the most popular varieties include Nasturtium’s, Calendulas, Johnny Jump ups.
  • The flowers from some many popular garden herbs are also edible, Steve’s wife loves decorating cakes with icing sugar and rosemary flowers, lavender is a popular addition to various culinary delights and the flowers from pineapple sage and basil are also delicious.
  • Another popular range with the home gardener is the wonderful heirloom vegetables, many of which have been grown for centuries and are famous for their incredible vigor and delicious flavor.
  • Many commercially grown vegetable varieties are hybridized top produce particular characteristics but sadly can’t be saved and so new seed must be purchased from the breeders each season.
  • What ever you choose to grow the main thing is to just have fun and the joy of sharing your produce with family and friends can only be reveled by the sheer pleasure of preparing them a meal from your own home grown healthy food.