Weed Feed

Episode: 10
Title: Weed Feed
Broadcast: October 27th 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Bonnie has been busy in the garden pulling out all the old winter veggies and making a head start on planting her spring and summer veggies! Nothing beats picking your own home-grown food straight off a plant.

  • Consistent watering is so important if you want nice plump fruit and veg. Water doesn’t always reach the bottom of the root ball and in summer we can sometimes see the effects of this.
  • Dynamic liquid soil wetter and soil conditioner is enriched with Seasol seaweed plant tonic for all soil types. It will increase the wettability of hard, stubborn soils by allowing deeper penetration and the soil will stay moist for longer.
  • The soil improver, liquid compost promotes the development of good soil structure, stimulates the growth of beneficial microbes that enhance the soil fertility and disease resistance.
  • You can mix it into a watering can and apply it manually to potted plants or small garden beds. It will increase watering efficiency and minimizes run-off and water wastage, so if you have water tanks you won’t be going through that water!

W: https://www.seasol.com.au/