Azaleas at Araluen

Episode: 11
Title: Azaleas at Araluen
Broadcast: November 3, 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Araluen Botanical Park in the Perth hills suburb of Roleystone is just 35kms from Perth CBD. It was originally set up in 1929 as a holiday camp by J.J.Boss Simons, businessman, politician and founder of the Young Australian League, the park has grown ever since to the beautiful gardens you see today. Grant Nixon GM of Araluen takes Nigel through the parks stunning Azaleas.

  • Azaleas love slightly acidic soils and have shallow roots. Araluen has deciduous azalea varieties such as the mollis azalea, they grow to around 2-3 meters high, in full flower the bush lights up.
  • Most of the deciduous varietals’ come from alpine areas such as China, Japan & Himalayas.
  • Although these azaleas can be prone to lace bug and petal blight, with some care they will flourish in cooler climates
  • Azaleas will need watering sooner than deeper rooted trees, shrubs and perennials, and you’ll do well to give them a drink as soon as the upper two or three inches of the soil begins to dry out. If you’re in Perth why not come and visit Araluen, you won’t be disappointed.

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