Whites Enviro Tie & Plant Ties

Episode: 11
Title: Whites Enviro Tie & Plant Ties
Broadcast: November 3, 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Beautiful orchard gardens are projects in the making, Bonnie has been slowly building her collection of fruit trees in her orchard. The land is very sloped, with a fair amount of wind. The trick to good growing is to stake the trees for the first few years of their establishment.

  • There are a few different techniques to staking your trees. The most common way is to use one stake and drive it into the ground alongside the tree’s trunk. This works really well if the plant is already secure.
  • When it comes to tying your trees, you have a few options. There is an Interlocking Chain Tie which is a quick and easy way to support the trees as the tie simply pulls itself and twists into a locking position. Or you can use Twist Ties. These are really good as the plastic has a wire inside and it will hold its shape.
  • Another way is to use two stakes, drive them into the soil either side of the tree’s trunk. You can use the Enviro Tie it’s 100% biodegradable. Another great thing about using this type of tie is that it won’t cause any damage to the trunk of the tree.
  • Making a figure 8 pattern, work your way from both of the stakes to secure the tree. This works great if your garden is exposed to high wind areas.
  • For most newly planted trees it is a good idea to keep them staked and supported for the first 12 months. If you live in an area where there is high wind activity, then it won’t hurt to keep them supported for a bit longer. This way you can ensure your tree will have a stronger root system and avoid any breakage.

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