Seasol Liquid Compost

Episode: 12
Title: Seasol Liquid Compost
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Healthy plants start with a healthy soil which is one of the priorities here, they use a combination of composting and spreading of organics over the soil as well as the right fertilisers and Seasol for all round plant health and vigour.

  • Seasol Liquid Compost is new to the range and makes soil improvement work really easy. There’s no shovelling, digging or lifting required, you just connect to the hose and start applying where it’s needed, on the soil.
  • The liquid compost helps break down clay soils improving soil structure, aeration and drainage, and improves moisture and nutrient retention, particularly important in sandy soils.
  • Fish have been used for centuries for soil improvement, these days it’s a highly concentrated emulsion full of nutrients that are released after being digested by microbial, earthworm and beneficial fungi and then taken up by the plants. And all of this activity is just fantastic for your soil’s health. Don’t be surprised if your swimming improves too…
  • The wonders of Seasol have been used for decades now to improve overall plant health and reduce stresses from heat, drought, frost, pests and disease. And excellent for rot development.  It’s full of algae compounds and nutrients, it’s great for feeding and encouraging beneficial microbes. That’s in here too.
  • This works really well when preparing garden beds for planting, but it’s also great for existing beds like these where you apply once every 3-6 months. For very poor soils use it every 2 weeks until the soil improves.