How to build an open terrarium

Episode: 12
Title: How to build an open terrarium
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Terrariums are a fascinating project, they are great for bringing a slice of greenery into our living spaces, but they can be a lifetime hobby.

  • First in creating your magical miniature garden you will need a container or any old household items that will fit your selected plants.
  • The trick to terrariums is the layering and potting mix, this is the secret success for these closed potted gardens.
  • Layer activated charcoal, Scott’s Osmocote Cacti & Succulent mix, then some Osmocote Premium Potting Mix, plant up and top with more soil. You can add a decorative touch by adding stones to your terrarium.
  • Position the terrarium in a warm room where it can be exposed to natural light and watch your miniature garden flourish!

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