Whites Group Gabion Walls

Title: Whites Group Gabion Walls
Episode: 14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Date: December 1st, 2018

Having become trendy a few years ago, gabion walls offer you a number of clever solutions to the problems in your garden.

  • Gabion walls are the perfect retaining wall fixture. They can be easily positioned to hold soil back and create tiers. You can also use them to create barrier features and make excellent bases to outdoor tables and seats.
  • The frames are easy to set up, coming in a number of pre-cut sizes. The spiral wire connecters keep it all together, though it might be worth checking to make sure they are level. The next step is to fill them with rocks. You can use bricks, rubble, or washed river stone – the choice is yours.
  • Gabion walls are easy to create as you can afford it, simply build on the project by doing just a couple each week. These walls make fantastic protected homes for creatures that are beneficial to your garden, such as skinks and geckos, or insects like wasps that eat the caterpillars.
  • Whereas you would usually have to pay huge amounts of money to get something like these set up in your garden, gabion walls are inexpensive and easy to do yourself.

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