Managing weeds in the cooler seasons

Episode: 2
Title: Managing weeds in the cooler seasons
Broadcast: March 9, 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

One of the hardest tasks in the garden is eliminating weeds that embed themselves through your pristine winter lawns. They’ve seeded over summer, grown through the winter rains and come spring, you’re left with a lawn full of painful prickles. Now that we’re in autumn, it’s time to start thinking about taking action!

  • Bindii is a common weed native to South America and it spreads right through any type of dense lawn. It’s hard to get rid of and it’s painful to step on when the prickles come out in spring.
  • Bindii is a flat growing and wide spreading, making it easy to escape the blades of your lawn mower. It has fine fern-like leaves that are more than capable of taking off and spreading right through your lawn.
  • Spraying is the easiest and most efficient way of controlling bindii. Early Autumn is a good time to start thinking about it and June through to September is when bindii will really start to take a hold, so make sure you have the spray handy!
  • Lawn Builder’s Bindii spray can be used on a wide variety of lawns, and will also help control numerous other weeds including clover and broadleaf weeds such as capeweed, chickweed, creeping oxalis, cudweed, dandelion, dock, fleabane, lamb's tongue (plantain), wireweed and many more.
  • This spray has also been made so it’s incredibly easy to apply with its hose-on application bottle. It’ll cover up to 180m2 of lawn!