The Best Lawn in the Street

Episode: 3
Title: The Best Lawn in the Street
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

There’s no greater competition between households than “who has the best lawn in the street”. If you want to out-do your neighbour in this year’s “clash of the greenest lawns” and be the envy of the whole street, then Nigel has a few good tips for you!

  • Get your mowing and your mower up to speed and in good working order – that includes sharpening the blades and maybe even taking your trusty steed in for a service.
  • As a general rule, never remove more than a third of the leaf blade. And if you do mow a little shorter, increase the frequency of your mowing days - that could be easily be every 3-4 days in summer for fast growing varieties like Kikuyu, but far less frequently in winter when lawn goes dormant.
  • Make sure the mowing height that you cut suits the variety of lawn that you have, and suits the season and sun/shade situation.
  • A good fertilizer goes a long way, one that will develop strong roots and immune systems. Feeding is incredibly important and is best started in spring, then feed at regular intervals right through to autumn. Mix it up with a good liquid fertilizer, granules and even a bit of organic matter.
  • A good top dressing is great for getting soil into your lawn and fixing up any uneven areas.
  • If your lawn suffers from severe compaction in some areas, you may need to consider aerating. This lets air, water and nutrients penetrate the grass roots, allowing them to grow deeper and producer a strong, thicker lawn.
  • Thatch build-up is when dead and living grass shoots and roots show up between the soil and grass blades. De-thatching or scarifying your lawn can either be done by mowing very low or using a scarifyng machine, but it’s pretty extreme work so must be done at the right time of year – mid-spring to early summer, followed up by a good fertilizer and water.
  • The trick is not to make your lawn grow faster, but to maintain it at a consistency where it will be perfect all year around.
  • If you have a lot of shade, make sure you pick the right variety of lawn. Most varieties will thrive in the full sun.
  • Talk to your local lawn enthusiast, turf grower and supplier to get the best advice for your lawn and location.