Establishing your Plants for Winter

Title: Establishing your Plants for Winter
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Melissa King

Autumn is becoming the planting season of choice for many gardeners, so now is the time to consider how to get your soil ready and give your plants the best kick-start.

  • There are a few reasons why autumn is a great time to consider planting: the air temperature is a bit cooler, but the soils are still warm, there’s still some moisture around, and if you get your plants into the ground at this time of year, you’re giving them plenty of time to establish before spring.
  • Autumn is a hive of planting opportunity for a wide variety of plants – anything from fruiting and ornamental trees, to Australian natives, all sorts of shrubs and flowers, plus cool seasonal flowers and veggies.
  • Summer takes a lot out of the soil as well as plants, so good soil preparation and rejuvenation is really important before you start putting in your winter plants, and a great way to do this is with Seasol’s Liquid Compost.
  • Because all the nutrients are contained within a liquid form, there’s no need for shovels or churning, you can apply it straight onto the garden – making it suitable for already established beds.
  • The purpose of this liquid magic is to improve the soil structure and the moisture retention. It’s designed as a soil conditioner, improver and plant health treatment all in one.
  • It will help revitalise all soil types, reducing the nutrient loss in sandy soils or helping break up the more clay-based soils.
  • Seasol Liquid Compost contains all sorts of goodies for your plants: seaweed, fish and nutrients, all there to help boost root grown and maximise the nutrient uptake. It’ll even help improve your worm and microbial activity in your soil.