Grow Care Pots

Episode: 8
Title: Grow Care Pots
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Earlier in the series, Bonnie bought you a plant pot with some amazing Technology and Trevor recaps the benefits ready for its release in early May

  • Technology is making its stamp in the gardening world with the Grow Care Pot, which is taking all the guess work out of plant care – so even the blackest of thumbs can give gardening a go!
  • There’s a variety of pot sizes, so you can pop in any plant you like, and then it’s all about letting the pot do the work.
  • The whole system comes with a downloadable smartphone app which has over 6000 plants listed, ready to give you all the advice you need on caring for your specific plant.
  • How does this all work? The Grow Care Pot has built-in sensors that connect to the app, which allows it to automatically monitor the plant in real time. It can tell you whether your specific plant needs watering or fertilising.
  • The pot even has a colour-changing light to give you helpful reminders to check the app when it needs specific attention – blue light, it needs a water; yellow light, please fertilise!
  • The Grow Care Pot has a built-in rechargeable battery, so it’s quick and easy to keep your pot charged and looking after your plant.
  • This clever pot is easy to use, and perfect for the home or office, so there’s no excuse not to give gardening a go!
  • Available from early May from the websites below, or at your local independent garden centre.