Happy and Healthy

Segment: Happy-Healthy
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep06
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 12th October 2019

Justine and Craig Stewart have done an amazing job building their garden from scratch, so Nigel comes along to give them a few tips on keeping it running smoothly.

  • Justine and Craig’s garden was just sand when they arrived, and it took quite a bit of planning to get it to where it is today.
  • Their backyard pond was dug up by a bobcat. 600 by 600 slabs formed the walls, a pond liner was put in, and then the pond was filled up. It’s now home to 100 rainbow trout, 80 silver perch and a few koi, who are the decoys for foraging birds.
  • Their garden is mostly fertilised with manure from their chickens, as well as their fish. This isn’t always the best though, especially for gardens with a lot of variety in them.
  • Citrus fruit trees, such as the finger lime tree, need a little bit more help to stop the leaves from yellowing. They need iron and magnesium, which is found in the Osmocote citrus range. Simply sprinkle it around the base, and the nutrients will be slowly absorbed into the soil.
  • For a veggie garden, be sure to use the specific Osmocote veggie formula. It has an organic base, it’s high in iron, and it has some extra potassium for tomatoes.
  • There are a few formulas in the Osmocote range suited to all plant types. They have a wetting agent, helping you to save water, and as they are slow release, the plants get the food as they need it, rather than as a big dump.