Osmocote Sustainability

Segment: Osmocote Sustainability
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep14
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 21st December 2019

Nigel visits the Scotts facility in Sydney, where they make up all their potting mixes from raw materials through to bagging, ready for distribution. Recently Scotts have been working on being more energy and waste efficient, and site manager Peter Kean explains how.

  • They have improved their energy efficiency by installing over 300 solar panels on the factory roof as well as using LED and sky lighting. By 2020 they will be self-sufficient with their energy production and they will also be putting energy back into the grid.
  • They recycle cardboard, timber and pallets. They have a compactor that compresses plastic packaging so they could reduce their plastic wastage going to land fill by 90%.
  • They work with a company in Melbourne that reuses that plastic to make furniture, garden edges, tools, etc.
  • The company invests in initiatives that care for the state of the environment in the long term.