Top Waterwise Plants

Segment: Top Waterwise Plants
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 2
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 29 February 2020

Bonnie visits Kings Park in WA to show you her top favourite waterwise plants that will save you time, money, and water in the garden.

  • When we think of waterwise plants, they’re quickly labelled as unattractive, but Bonnie has a selection of beautiful grasses, succulents, and flowers that will shine in your garden!
  • Silver Princess is a beautiful eucalyptus. It’s famous for its white coated stems, which it gets when it matures a bit. When the flowers bloom in Spring, they are a vibrant pink.
  • The Silver Princess can get anywhere from 6 – 8 meters, depending on your climate. When you first plant it, you want to give it a big drink in summer to establish it!
  • The Cushion Bush is an arid plant which is great for a coastal area with a lot of salt winds. It also hates water and if you give it too much, it will collapse! So dry spots in the garden are the perfect place for these plants.
  • They grow to about 1 meter tall and 1 meter wide, so it’s the perfect compact plant for your garden.
  • The Sand Bottle Brush is an extremely drought tolerant plant and is a great medium sized shrub (1-2meters) for your garden!
  • Best of all, the Sand Bottle Brush is extremely long flowering, so you get beautiful red flowers from Spring to early Autumn. Plus, it is bee-attracting!
  • The Spirit of Anzac is a stunning Grevillia with beautiful flowers, which have a high nectar count!
  • The Wooley Bush is a great plant if you want height and texture in your garden!