The Botanical Garden ELTE - FÜVÉSZKERT 3

Segment: The Botanical Garden ELTE - FÜVÉSZKERT 3
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 7th March 2020

The Füvészkert Botanical Garden is an incredible destination – one you should check out on your Viking cruise through Europe.

  • The Füvészkert, which translates to herbalist garden, was built back in 1771 as a teaching garden for doctors.
  • The Greenhouse, Victoria House, has an interesting collection of hundreds of bromeliads, including the airplant variety. Seeing them grow in such a cold climate is impressive – you could only achieve it with a greenhouse.
  • The Victoria House boasts a beautiful collection of orchids. These exotic beauties would have been astounding to people back when the garden first opened.
  • Bonsai, which means ‘planted in a container’ in Japanese, is an ancient horticultural practice that probably started in China, before travelling through the Korean Peninsula to Japan.
  • These plants can live for thousands of years, being a generational heirloom passed down through families.
  • Each spring, the garden hosts the Sakura Festival, where the cherry blossoms bloom. In autumn, the Japanese maples come to life – it’s a truly stunning sight.
  • The garden contains 85 critically endangered species of plants, making its conservation activities extremely important. Whilst the collection has 85 local endangered plants, it also houses 250 foreign endangered species.
  • With over 8000 species in the collection, the garden is internationally recognised under the protection of the National Cultural Heritage Authority.