Royal Botanic Gardens

Segment: Royal Botanic Gardens
Episode: 6
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 28th March 2020

There is no doubt that our climate is changing and altering our landscapes, and Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Garden is taking steps to protect the plants of the garden.

  • Professor Tim Entwistle is helping to run a program to future proof the garden to the predicted climate of 2090.
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens are trying to grow a range of plants outside of their natural environment.
  • There are lots of ways the Gardens protect their plants that home gardeners can do themselves – mulching, group plants for efficient water usage.
  • The Gardens are home to a lot of heritage trees up to 150 years old, and those working have to work on how to keep them alive and what they can be replaced with that will survive the changing climate.
  • The old oak tree fell down, a crushing blow to the staff. It has been left in place so guests can mourn the tree. It collapsed due to a combination of fungal disease, climate change and stronger winds.
  • In 2018, a program was introduced to analyse what was being planted, starting an alliance with 10 gardens from around the world. Since then, 50 more gardens have signed up, sharing information with other gardeners.