Environmental Pool Maintenance

Story: Environmental Pool Maintenance
Episode: 12
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 7th November 2020

Trevor visits Paul Farmer from WA Pool Warehouse to get the rundown on how to have a beautiful pool in a beautiful garden.

  • WA Pool Warehouse are located in Perth and have 7 outlets servicing the metro area.
  • They have grown quickly to service the state because they’ve got the biggest and best range of pool care options and most importantly, they know their stuff.
  • Try and keep leaves out of the pool as much as you possibly can. This will make your pool much easier to look after in the long run.
  • Plants and pools are not suited to each other so the further your plants are from your pool, the better.
  • When taking your water from a winterised state to a ready to swim state, it’s important to get your pool water tested upfront.
  • Most pool shops run a spin disk machine which tests 10 different parameters in pool water chemistry.
  • If you want plants by your pool, make sure you use large leaf plants, like Golden Cane Palms and Philodendrons.
  • Strappy leaf plants can also be fantastic, like Mondo Grass and Deities.

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