Shredding Your Garden Waste

Story: Shredding Your Garden Waste
Episode: 18
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th December 2020

Shredders are brilliant tools that allow you to take all the green waste that you would normally throw away and use it to improve your soil.

  • Shredders reduce your green waste into smaller particle sizes, encouraging a more rapid breakdown into compost.
  • The electric, entry-level GHE 135L from STIHL is great value and incredibly powerful.
  • It’s equipped with a robust, low-speed blade roller, which does all of the hard work for you by drawing the branches and twigs in slowly whilst shredding them.
  • It can take branches up to 35mm thick and you can safely feed them into the chute without any risk of injury or pushback.
  • The GHE 135L has a transparent catcher, so you can see how full it’s getting as you’re shredding.
  • As an added layer of protection, the shredder won’t function until the catcher is safely locked into place.
  • STIHL shredders are more than capable of shredding palm fronds. Simply cut them down to size before you pop them through to reduce them to clippings.
  • Shredders can be noisy, but not this model. It’s the quietest in the range, meaning you can shred branches and clippings at any time without upsetting the neighbours.

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