Caring for Low Light Plants

Story: Caring for Low Light Plants
Episode: 6
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 3 April 2021

Indoor plants make for great companions and it’s important to care for them correctly. Trev shows us how to best care for indoor and potted plants.

  • The Holeman misting system has a tap timer that allows users to set it up to perform multiple runs for indoor hanging plants.
  • Pothos hanging baskets require 20 minutes of light misting per day to thrive in Summer and only need to be watered every second day in Autumn.
  • Tillandsia, also called Air Plants, don’t require roots because they have adapted to draw and absorb nutrients from the atmosphere around them.
  • Indoor plants that are grown in pots only require approximately 2-3 glasses of water per week.
  • Nutrient supply is the most critical aspect to all indoor plants. The key is to provide small amounts of water and nutrients regularly.
  • Troforte liquid food is ideal for indoor plants, such as Air Plants and Bromeliads, and is easily applied using the lid of the bottle.
  • Troforte M Indoor and Patio blend contains multiple strains of beneficial soil microbes that aid in improving and maintaining soil health.
  • To apply Troforte M use the cup in the 700g tub, fill it up once, sprinkle it over the soil, and give the plant a thorough watering afterward.
  • Troforte M should only be applied once every 4 months. It can be used on potted plants, hanging plants and garden beds.

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