Story: Gladioli
Episode: 2
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 28 August 2021

Gladioli are the perfect storm of the gardening world, producing a brilliant show of colour with little effort.

  • Garden Express’ range of Glamour Gladioli are the perfect garden plants. With the same number of flowers as a standard gladioli, these plants have a more compact flowering habit, making them perfect for windy areas.
  • When planting bulbs, make sure they go into the ground at a depth of double the width of the bulb.
  • Gladioli will flower within 100 days – close to 13 weeks.
  • Garden Express is offering 25 bulbs for just $30 – a saving of over 30%. Five of each five varieties have been selected for stunning bi-colour flowers.
  • Gladioli are perfectly suited to be grown in a pot.