WX Range (Wi-fi/Smart products)

Story: WX Range (Wi-fi/Smart products)
Episode: 17
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 11 December 2021

Aussie gardens often suffer from heat and dry conditions. Neville checks out a smart way to water the garden in Summer.

  • Intelligent watering is how Holman describes a new range of wi-fi irrigation products that enable you to manage watering, monitor usage and track data all through your smartphone.
  • For a small garden, use the intelligent watering to control a single tap - the WX1 Tap Time.
  • Gardeners can use this to control up to 4 units through a single Wi-Fi Hub, to water the whole garden. This is all controlled via smartphone and the Holman Home App.
  • Pair the Moisture Sensor with the WX1 Tap Timer to monitor soil temperature and soil moisture levels.
  • WX8 Irrigation Controller features three different start patterns with a 7 day selection for flexible schedules and manages up to 8 different zones.  Hence, is recommended for larger gardens.
  • The controller allows users to set up smart automation to adjust their watering automatically based on time of day, weather conditions, and soil moisture.
  • Pair the WX8 Controller with the EVIE Sensor that stands for ‘Evaporative Intelligent Eco Sensor’. The sensor will automatically disable your WX8 watering schedules after 5mm of rain, reducing your water usage in the process.

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