Story: Tarps
Episode: 17
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 11 December 2021

Some gardening jobs can be messy! Neville shares a gardening secret that will help with those big and messy jobs.

  • A good tarp is one of the most useful tools in the garden.
  • You can use it to drag materials around the garden in this instance delivering my compost to fruit trees.
  • It’s also useful for moving weeds to the compost bin.
  • Whites have two grades of tarps. The medium-duty type comes in a range of different sizes. These are ideal for camping as a groundsheet, or a painting drop-sheet.
  • Made from high-density UV-resistant polyethylene weave these are tear-resistant and provide water-resistant triple-layer protection.
  • Using a tarp when repotting will help save soil.
  • The heavy-duty tarp with both silver and black sides is twice the density of the material. When using it to cover plants in transport, it’s best to put the silver side up to reflect the heat away.

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