Water Saving Capabilities of Hydrawise

Story: Water Saving Capabilities of Hydrawise
Episode: Episode 3
Presenter: Darren Seinor & Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 12th March 2022

There are plenty of things home gardeners can do to minimize their water use. Darren and Trevor show you how you can be more waterwise.

  • Hunter Hydrates series of irrigation controllers features predictive watering that uses local weather data to fine-tune your irrigation system to water only when necessary.
  • Hydraware introduces Virtual Solar Sync. Automatically adjusts your water budget to suit the localized evapotranspiration conditions for the gardener’s selected location.
  • An irrigation system aims to top up the moisture content in the garden soil, so you don’t fill it from scratch every time. The Virtual Solar Sync is a great tool to help achieve this.
  • Hydrawise system allows for preset water triggers, such as:
    • Rain Fall.
    • Low Temperature.
    • Wind speed.
  • Hydrawise controllers can monitor the system remotely and too be able to operate the irrigation system via a smartphone or tablet.
  • Instructions for use:
    • Download Hydrawise App via your device's app store.
    • Install hardware and connect to the Wi-Fi.
    • Program the controller to your selected device.

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