Bees and Honey

Story: Bees and Honey
Episode: Episode 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 16th April 2022

Bees are a vital component of our ecosystems and can be beneficial in our gardens, in more ways than one. Trev shows you how to create a bee friendly garden and how to cultivate your own honey!

  • If there’s one insect that’s critically important in our environment it’s the honeybee.
  • These complex communities work incredibly hard and in the process of collecting pollen to make, the impact their work has on our food supply is significant.
  • Did you know that every third mouthful of food you enjoy is the result of honey bees working flowers, pollinating plants flowers and without them earth's biodiversity and human population would be significantly different.
  • There’s a huge trend of people setting up homes for bees in their own backyards and delivering results for healthy bee populations in and around our cities, delivering delish honey and encouraging pollination of edible plants increasing and improving crops.
  • You see honey changes flavor with seasons and location.
  • If you suffer from hayfever and pollen related allergies this is a great way to build up your systems tolerance to those antigens naturally.
  • This way of exposing your body to the pollen naturally allows you to build a tolerance and the effects of the allergies should be much reduced.