Plant of the week Deal

Story: Plant of the week Deal
Episode: 09
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 22nd October 2022

Neville shows us the best ways to sow some gorgeous capsicums and some oh so spicy chillies!

  • Dahlia Assorted Mixed - Pack of 5: Create a mass of brilliant colour with this impressive mix of our different varieties.
  • Dahlia Assorted Mix (Dahlia hybrid) includes Ball, Decorative, Cacti and Waterlily varieties so is a great way to enjoy the range.
  • Dahlias make great cut flowers, last well in water and will certainly brighten up your home throughout the summer months.
  • Picking the flowers also encourages the plants to produce more blooms. These beautiful plants with lush foliage and masses of amazing blooms are sure to fill any hole in your garden. For best results stake plants to keep them growing upright.
  • Gladioli Mixed- Pack of 25: Tall and brightly coloured, Gladioli Mixed (Gladioli x hortulanus) will provide a riot of colour and are sure to become firm favourites. For sheer pick ability, Gladioli are a must in every garden!
  • Gladioli provide a beautiful show when in a vase in the home or out in the garden. This wonderful selection of colours is sure to delight every gardener.
  • Flowering during spring in warmer regions and through summer in cooler temperate regions, Gladioli can be planted every 4-6 weeks throughout the season to provide a staggered display of colour. Protection from strong winds is recommended.

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