Making Gardening Easy with Rover

Story: Making Gardening Easy with Rover
Episode: 6
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 22nd April 2023

When Nigel first came to Australia one of his first jobs was with a commercial lawn mowing contractor, and he used to love it when it was his turn to use the ride on mower. See how easy it is to get the job done and enjoy it while doing it!

  • Something that Rover Australia has always leaned towards is the enjoyment factor of maintaining and manicuring that ever so special space of grass surrounding the home.
  • Since 1956, Rover has been known as the household name and trusted companion for taking care of Aussie lawns.
  • The Mini Rider Hydro is the perfect solution for a ¼ - 1 acre sized piece of greenery that gives you a fantastically smooth ride with it’s foot-operated hydrostatic auto transmission.
  • Compact size for easily fitting through gates and openings without any tricky maneuvering or taking extra space in the garage.
  • Propelled by the gutsy 382cc engine, this ripper piece of Australian engineering will have you whizzing over your lawn quickly and provides both options for either a catcher or mulch attachment.
  • With added features like the deck wash port for maintaining your cutting deck in optimum condition and preventing the build-up of trimmings in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fit-out with Rover’s 5+5 year guarantee, you know that you’ve got the durability and quality to last you years.
  • Rover was built with the idea of robust design and efficient, yet comfortable functionality.  Hardy craftsmanship and dependable machinery. That’s why Rover has been a gardener’s best friend for 67 years.

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