The Best Gifts for Mum

Story: The Best Gifts for Mum
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th April 2023

Trevor gives us the rundown on all the best gardening tools to gift to mum this upcoming mother’s day!

  • A good place to stop and explore is Stihl’s display. With a great range of battery-operated garden tool products, you might want to use Stihl as your main foundation of your tool collection at home.
  • Another great thing about Stihl is some tools are really unique. There’s one called the HSA 25, but there’s a new model now available and if you love precision trimming of things like topiary balls or shapes, then this is the tool for you.
  • Possibly the best thing about Stihl is the expert advice and quality service their specialist dealers offer helps you choose the right machine for the right job.
  • With its light weight, power and long run time, I think this is the perfect gift for mum this mother’s day. If you couldn’t make MIFGS, don’t worry as you can get this at your local Stihl Dealer.

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