Leaf Stepping Stone Pavers

Episode: 6
Title: Leaf Stepping Stone Pavers
Broadcast: 27th September
Presenter: Nigel

  • With a bulb garden the last thing you want to be doing is stepping all over them before they’ve come out and stepping stones will help prevent this.
  • For a more artistic look to the stepping stones, you’ll need to find some leaves, they’re going to provide a patterned imprint on the stones, a little bit like fossilized leaves on a rock, except without several million years to achieve the same effect.
  • Make sure you have gloves and a dusk mask, because you’ll be pouring some concrete into water and mixing at the recommended ratio.
  • Pop some plastic on your work surface and this is where you’re positioning your leaves.
  • The moulds go on top, to make these moulds simply cut up a 9 litre plastic bucket.
  • Cut the leaves to fit the mould, pour the mix over the top, tamp it down to remove any air pockets and to ensure firm contact with the leaf to create a good imprint, then smooth the concrete over and wait.
  • Remove the leaves after one day but leaving the concrete to harden for about seven days total.
  • When it comes to placing your creations in the garden bed, make sure the base under your stepping stones is firm and free of stones or bits of rock. Any hollow sections create a weak point where the concrete could crack.