1. Clay Plus 2. Compost Plus 3. Rock Minerals

Episode: 5
Title: 1. Clay Plus 2. Compost Plus 3. Rock Minerals
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Gardening should be fun and most of it all it should be easy but here in Perth and WA, we are locked in a constant battle with our soils or more correctly sands as they are simply not capable of sustaining the strong healthy growth all gardeners aspire to but there is a simple permanent solution and it’s Clay Plus!

  • The problem with sandy soils is that they basically won’t hold onto either nutrients or moisture which means the costly fertilizers applied to your lawn or garden will move very quickly and not available to plants and they can end up polluting the underground aquifiers as well as contribute to algae blooms in rivers and waterways.
  • Liz and Des are suburban homeowners in Bayswater battling these issues for years struggling to establish a successful lawn and spending too much on wetting agents and fertilizers in the process. Four years later, their new lawn has never looked back after being recommended Clay Plus.
  • After improving the sand with Clay Plus, Liz and Des found their new lawn produce strong, lush growth without the need to apply excessive water with far less fertilizer. They hardly needed wetting agents as the improved, loamy soil now absorbs and holds onto the water applied. The lawn has been able to stand up to ferocious Perth summers without browning off or going patchy.
  • The balanced mineral content found in Clay Plus drives healthy sustainable growth as it is far more resilient to pests and diseases and will bounce back rapidly if subjected to wear and tear.
  • The loamy structure created by Clay Plus holds nutrients in the root zone of the turf making them easily available and absorbed as the turf requires. If you allow the lawn clippings to return to the lawn, you will be able to cut down on fertilizer use.
  • Clay Plus from Soil Solver produce amazing results and the change in the soil structure is permanent and no need to re-apply each year. It saves on water, cuts fertilizer use and will end your dependency on wetting agents.

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