Waterwise Verge

Episode: 5
Title: Waterwise Verge
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

Growing up everyone had one of these – a great big sprawling piece of greenery out the front: The ubiquitous verge lawn. Nowadays there’s nothing against lawn. In the right place it is simply the best, the toughest and most wonderful plant for sport and recreation.

  • The typical verge lawn can use anywhere from 40-60,000 litres to sustain it over summer and when you multiply that by just how much verge lawn there is in WA, you can see that represents a huge amount of water, water that we are now scrambling to find.
  • A ‘state of the art’ waterwise verge is a beautiful verge alternative, one that will slash our water use, save us a small fortune on fertilizer -not to mention mowing costs- and lift the value of our property.
  • The trick with a verge lawn conversion is to keep it simple and keep it low by choosing plants that will grow no higher than 50-70cm to protect what we call the ‘line of sight’ for incoming traffic.
  • Some tried and tested verge plant winners like the Kalbarri Carpet, the wonderful Grevillea Gin Gin Gem, this fantastic and striking Olearia – ‘Little Smokey’ and even the beautiful Hemiandra which will give lilac flowers for nine months of the year. Top it up with a good rough course mulch and you will be in business.
  • These days our leading developers are putting in some truly stunning waterwise verge alternatives filled with color and diversity and all helping to reign in our galloping wateruse.
  • Check with your council for their verge conversion guidelines and any restrictions but if you follow their simple principles you can soon have a truly extraordinary verge that will be a stamp of sustainability and the newest in a growing trend of amazing 21st century waterwise verge gardens.

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