Fiskars’ Tree Pruner

Episode: 5
Title: Fiskars’ Tree Pruner
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Kim Syrus

If you grow trees and shrubs in your garden, you know they need some maintenance from time to time, such as trimming back low hanging branches or keeping them on your side of the fence.

  • Trimming trees can be a real pain and dangerous if you are constantly up and down and moving a ladder to reach the branches. That’s why tree pruners are your best friends.
  • Fiskars Classic Tree Pruner covers all bases. No need to worry about a ladder when you have a reach over 3 metres.
  • The sharp, stainless steel blades slice through branches up to 25mm thick with ease.
  • The head is fully adjustable so you can tackle any angled branch and the patented mechanism makes cutting a breeze.
  • It’s not all about reaching up to prune. There are plenty odd jobs down low that you can stay upright.
  • With a super light and easy to use tree pruner like this, you keep both feet firmly and safely on the ground, and still get the job done.

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