Northcote Letter Box

Episode: 5
Title: Northcote Letter Box
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Melissa King

Updating your letterbox is a quick and easy way to improve the first impression of your home and Northcote Pottery’s collection of Elite letterboxes come in a stunning range of traditional and modern styles, colours and materials for every situation.

  • There’s everything from hardwood timber and steel designs that would look great in a modern setting to rusted metal styles that you could light up from below – a design feature in their own right.
  • There are also modern and traditional designs made from glass reinforced concrete – which is much lighter than traditional stone or concrete and easy to maneuver and install.
  • It’s a great DIY project for the weekend. The installation for each model is slightly different, but all are really straightforward. Plus they’re strong with a durable finish suited to the harshest of outdoor conditions.
  • First, prepare a level and firm site, and remove any lawn or other growth. To make things simple, use a cement paver about 45 cm square and 4 cm thick to create a solid base - or prepare a concrete slab. Just use a spirit level to make sure it’s nice and level.
  • Then, apply liquid nails to the inside edges of the base of the letterbox to the surfaces that will meet the paver. Just don’t over do it with the glue because you don’t want it spreading to the outer surface of the letterbox. Then place it in position and leave it to set.
  • When it’s dry, the letterbox is ready to use – it’s that simple. Dress it up with a few plants and there you have it, a simple, stylish way to make a lasting first impression for your home.

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