Recycle and Upcycled

Episode: 5
Title: Recycle and Upcycled
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

This story sees Chloe creating some pieces of recycled and upcycled everyday items after being inspired by Steven Well’s garden and his eclectic backyard

  • To begin, you can hit the op shops and scavenge supplies for less than $20. But don’t forget to check through your kitchen cupboards for any unloved gems too.
  • Recycling used items into pots for the garden has to be one of the easiest weekend garden projects.
  • You can pick up succulents like sedum and echeveria cheaply enough, but for free plants, check your friends’ gardens for plants like Jade and Cotyledon that strike well from cuttings.
  • This colander is an easy one, just fill it with good quality cacti and succulent mix and plant it. But if it doesn’t come with holes, you’ll need to give it some! Drill or punch holes to make sure your succulents have good drainage and plant away. These quirky planters look great grouped together either on the ground or attached directly to a wall.
  • The next project will more likely send you hunting through your mum or grandma’s china cupboard, but if they protest then you can find all sorts of cheap goodies at your local op shop. Look for plates, saucers and teacups with bright patterns, unusual shapes or textured surfaces. 3 pieces per flower seems to work the best, so once you are happy with the combination it’s time to start drilling.
  • You’ll need a drill and drill bit suitable for working on glass and ceramic, a screw with wingnut, some masking tap, a damp cloth or sponge and a solid work space, like this timber off cut. Safety gear is also important!
  • Put your first piece down on the damp sponge, and mask the centre of both sides. Don’t apply too much pressure - let the bit do most of the work. Once you can see daylight through on one side, flip it over and finish the hole.
  • Once you’ve got holes in everything, thread the screw through them all and wind on the nut. But don’t tighten it too much.
  • To display them attach them using the screw and wing nut to a star picket or scrap piece of hardwood or use them to brighten a fence.