Waldecks Decorative and Privacy Screens

Episode: 9
Title: Waldecks Decorative and Privacy Screens
Broadcast: 31st October 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Take a look around your garden and outdoor space. Is there a view you would rather not have such as an ugly fence or a view into you neighbour’s house or garden that you would prefer not to see? Thankfully an effective and attractive solution is close at hand.

  • The range of decorative screens at Waldecks are produced in three different materials to suit various budget and applications. The compressed timber form is made of 97% sustainably sourced Australian hardwood and 3% natural wax. They are lightweight, easy to handle and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Aluminium composite screens are low maintenance and UV stable so whichever one of 30 baked on powder coat colours you choose, they can definitely stand up to the scorching West Aussie sun. While the corten steel models will quickly form a veener of rust giving an impression of great age but only the surface of the steel rusts, corten steel is a tough material and will last for many years.
  • The method of mounting your decorative screen will depend on what you are screening and what you are mounting the screen on. They can be mounted directly onto brick walls using wall plugs and screws. Make sure you check the weight capacity of the screws and plugs don’t exceed the screens you are mounting.
  • Colourbond and fibre cement fences are generally not suitable for direct mounting of any type of screens as they are simple and not designed to weight bearing. In this case, a simple but sturdy timber frame can be built in front of the fence and the screws can be screwed directly to the timber.
  • Your decorative screen does not have to just look amazing during the day. When the sun goes down, they can be even more stunning with the addition of a light box. They are available with multiple functions and colour options and will back light your chosen pattern or design bringing them to life when enjoying your outdoor space after hours.
  • Decorative privacy screens are an outstanding option to simply and stylishly improve any indoor or outdoor space. The Waldecks range is impressive and custom designs and sizes can be made to order so the perfect screening option for your situation is just a short drive away.

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Website: http://www.waldecks.com.au/home