Design Story

Episode: 9
Title: Design Story
Broadcast: 31st October 2015
Presenter: Bethany Williamson

This story follows Bethany in a garden that tried new things and experimented with different colors and textures that normally might not be used together and the result is bit unconventional.

  • Jane Jones Landscapes has been involved in the design and maintenance of this Melbourne garden for over 6years, but it hasn’t always looked like this. The original owners had requested a traditional garden but when they sold, the new owners wanted to transform it into something artistic and a little different.
  • Working with some of the original plants like the Ornamental Pears, the garden was given a makeover that reflected the style of the garden’s new owners.
  • The bold use of plants and this brave approach can be seen throughout the space. The layout of this garden is quite traditional but the combinations are completely outside the box.
  • To the right of the path is a central raised planter surrounded by the beautifully manicured lawn but it’s in the garden beds where things get a little quirky. Aeoniums are growing under Roses, Cyclamens are nestled in with Cacti and succulents sprawl under Japanese Maples.
  • The sculptural aloes are surrounded by clipped box hedge and tall poppies. All of these combinations are very artistic and adventurous and they add to the character and charm of the garden.
  • Pots feature throughout the garden add another element to the design. They are filled to the brim with various succulents and structural plants and they act as an exclamation mark, drawing your eye to their interesting arrangements.
  • Be brave when thinking about plants and how to mix different types of plants. Your garden should be a reflection of who you are. So, have fun with plants and you might just end up with a garden as magical as this. 

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