Queens Gardens

Episode: 2
Title: Queen’s Gardens
Broadcast: 26 March
Presenter: Trevor

Trevor introduces us to one of his favourite gardens, Queen’s Gardens in Perth. We learn about its history and see more of the stunning gardens in this segment.

  • Queen’s Gardens is located next to the WACA cricket grounds and has been a WA favourite for over 117 years.
  • Brickworks were started up in the 1800s, but by the 1880s the gardens were almost exhausted leading to the enlistment of two talented gardeners to help undo the damage.
  • In 1899 the City of Perth mayor opened Queens Gardens, named in honour of Queen Victoria.
  • Perth society’s elite enjoyed afternoon tea parties by the lakes and held the stunning water gardens in high regard.
  • Today, some of the original planted trees grown from seed have reached a level of maturity.
  • One tree located here, the Bunya Bunya Pine, can grow up to 30 or 40 metres tall and produces nuts up to 8 kilograms big.
  • The Feijoa produces enormous amounts of fruit each year and can grow quite large in size. To be kept in a small garden it would need to be pruned regularly.
  • Weeping willows soften the landscape alongside water of the gardens.
  • Waterlilies liven the ponds, which are a sanctuary for aquatic critters and birds including WA’s own fauna emblem, the black swan.
  • Traditional rose gardens and annual flower planted garden beds are also maintained, with stunning seasonal displays of flowering annuals and warm season displays of roses, much the same way it was over 100 years ago.