How Fertile is your Soil?

Episode: 2
Title: How Fertile is your Soil?
Broadcast: 26 March
Presenter: Trevor

In this segment Trevor introduces us to an organic certified soil improver and plant fertiliser that enables better water retention as well as other great benefits. This product can also be used on all plants, all year round.

  • Trevor is using Dynamic Lifter, an organic certified soil improver and plant fertiliser.
  • When you are starting up a veggie patch, apply the fertiliser thickly over cultivated soil and then cultivate it into the top 100mm of soil. This changes the soils quality by increasing moisture retention and nutrition around developing seedlings roots.
  • Expanding organic matter in each pellet improves aeration, which further improves the soil’s overall health.
  • When done correctly the soil comes alive with worms and healthy microorganisms.
  • The nutrition in the pellet is released slowly to plant roots, which is important as plants eat in small amounts daily.
  • This fertiliser is brilliant for exotic plant species and even better for native plants and is soft on the soil environment.
  • Being certified organic, this fertiliser will help in producing organic vegetables.

P: 1300 369 074