Northcote Pottery Neo Pot Plants

Episode: 2
Title: Neo Pot Plants
Broadcast: 26 March
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa talks about potted gardening and introduces Neo Pot Plants. Not only is Neo made up of fresh styles and colours, the pots feature their own self-watering system, making plant care easy.

  • Water plants as normal on the soil surface or through the no spill spout which eliminates mess.
  • Excess water is stored in the reservoir, which the plant can draw on if needed.
  • The unique design reduces the need for frequent watering and prevents drying out.
  • The water level gauge rises when water is added to the pot and falls when it dries out so that you know when your plant needs water.
  • Neo pots are high quality, durable, UV and frost resistant and 100% recyclable.
  • The drainage plug can be removed to drain away excess rainwater outdoors.
  • Some ideas: Indoors, the pots can be used with green houseplants. Outdoors, they can be used with chillies or petunias in warmer months, and brightly coloured pansies in cooler months. You can also harvest fresh herbs from Neo window boxes.

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