Garden Gurus to the Rescue – Pruning Hedges

Episode: 2
Title: Garden Gurus to the Rescue Nigel
Broadcast: 26 March
Presenter: Nigel

In this segment Nigel gives advice on pruning hedges. Hedges hep define boundaries, give us privacy and insulate against noise and pollution. They also make a great backdrop with endless design options. We learn about caring for hedges as Nigel shows us how to maintain a hedge properly through pruning, as well as what equipment to use when dealing with hedges.

  • Regular pruning is needed to keep a hedge well maintained.
  • The important components of pruning are to remove any dead or diseased branches, then focus on the height and shape of the hedge, paying particular attention to the level of the top and the angle of the front face of the hedge.
  • The tools used are shears, secateurs, hedge trimmers, and a ladder.
  • For lower hedges use stakes and string as guides to get the best accuracy and consistency. For larger hedges it can be done by eye.
  • For the top level visualise your pruning height, cut a few sections spaced apart and then join them together. You will usually be able to see and follow the previous prune.
  • For the face of the hedge you can prune plumb on lower hedges that get plenty of sun, but for taller hedges you should prune on a slight inward angle so that the bottom of the hedge gets enough sun. Never prune top heavy.
  • Pruning encourages denser growth, which keeps your hedge nice and tight.
  • Fertilise afterwards.

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