Troforte Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs

Episode: 6
Title: Troforte Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

A year and a half ago, Trevor showcased the effects of Troforte M on his edible garden by applying a slow release nutrient base over several months.

  • Troforte has been perfect for sandy soils, where nutrients drain quickly through the soil. By adding soil microbes into the soil, it improves the soil’s health by converting locked up mineral nutrients and improving fertility making a big difference to the overall growth performance.
  • Troforte is not just limited to sandy soils; it works in all soil types.
  • A special blend of Troforte uses a controlled release fertiliser, specifically for fruit, vegetables and herbs which works amazingly for your edible plants, the key to success is feeding the plant by spreading Troforte around the base.
  • Because the soil is nutrient rich, your fruits, vegetables and herbs will taste amazing and, most of all will be healthier for you to consume.

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